Anti Bribery Commitment

PT Mutuagung Lestari is committed to anti-bribery in performing its services in both certification, inspection and testing and controlling the risk of bribery. Any fraud, fraud, dishonesty, theft / embezzlement, violation in the procurement process of goods and services, abuse of position / authority, bribery / gratification occurring in PT.Mutuagung Lestari or related to PT.Mutuagung Lestari will be promptly investigated, reported. PT. Mutuagung Lestari analyzes the report and follows up on the violation report based on the evidence provided and protects the Reporting Party. The Reporting Party shall provide information at least as follows:

  1. Type of violation,
  2. Time of violation, such as date, day and hour.
  3. Parties involved in the breach.
  4. Other evidence to corroborate that such violation occurs, such as a transaction document whether in the form of a visual, audio or paper recording, or
  5. Inform other witnesses involved witnessing the event but not involved in the violation.

This reporting is conducted with the support of relevant data and is intended for the benefit of the Company, not intended to impose a person. Reporting may be submitted to the Head of the subdivision of Risk Management or the highest management of PT Mutuagung Lestari, through

Email           :
Phone          : (62-21) 87400202  extension 149
Fax               : (62—21) 87740745
Website       :
Letter : Jl. Raya Bogor KM 33,5 No 19 Cimanggis depok 16953

Reporters should provide their identity in reporting complaints and ensure that any information about the identity of the reporting party and its reports is kept confidential. Reporting through Whistle Blowing System (Whistle Blowing System) is done under anonymous, confidential and independent principles.

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