Testing Services

Testing Laboratory of Mutu Certification International has implements the management system based on ISO/ IEC 17025 as well as already accredited since 1997 by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN) with accreditation number LP-001-IDN. Our laboratory is one of independent laboratories used to test the wood product, food, environment, fisheries product and other agriculture products.


Testing Laboratory of Mutu Certification International has several laboratories with regular analysis uses reference method of SNI, JAS, JIS, ASTM, BS-EN, APHA, AOAC, BAM and other International Method being reference in operation, covering:

  1. Wood Laboratory
  2. Food Laboratory
  3. Fisheries Product Testing Laboratory
  4. Agriculture Laboratory
  5. Environment Laboratory
  6. Microbiology Laboratory

To support the fast and accuracy of testing, our laboratory is supported by several equipments such as :

  1. Gas Chromatograph (GC) : GC – FID, GC – FPD, GC – ECD, GC -MS
  2. Liquid Chromatograph (LC): LCMS/MS, HPLC – UV, HPLC -FLD
  3. Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS): Flame, Graphite Furnace, Cold Vapour
  4. UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  5. Karl Fischer Titrator (KFT)
  6. Analysis Gas
  7. Small Chamber
  8. Large Chamber
  9. Universal Testing Machine
  10. Water, Air and Emission Sampling Equipments
Calibration Laboratory of Mutu Certification International is an independent body carrying out calibration by implementing the laboratory management system based on ISO/IEC 17025 has been accredited by KAN with number LK-009-IDN. Using reference method such as DIN-Germany, JIS-Japanese, CSIRO-Australia, OIML, BS, EN, ASTM, ISO 10012 (recommendation for accuracy of a measuring instrument).

Calibration Laboratory services provide measurement and calibration in laboratory or at field (in-site) by using calibrated standard equipment there by able to provide data traceable to national and international units. We provide service facilities covering:

  • Calibration of Measuring Instrument Industry and Laboratory.
  • Consultation and Training in calibration sector

Scope of Calibration :

Length : Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Dial Indicator/ Gauge, Steel
Ruler and Meter
Mass : Weight (class M & F2),Electronic and Mechanical Weight
Pressure : Pressure Gauge
Gaya : Tensile and Compression Testing Machine
Optic : Spectrophotometer UV-Visible &Visible
Temperature : Oven, Waterbath, Glass Thermometer, Digital Thermometer
(Bar Sensor, Surface Sensor,BI Metal/ Indicator),Thermo
Volumetric : Buret, Volume Pipette, Measuring Pipette, Volumetric Flask, and Measuring Cylinder
Derivative : pH Meter, Viscometer/ Tester, Conductivity Meter and MC Meter/ Tester
Time : Stopwatch
Frequency : Tachometer and Centrifuge