The Understandings of Geographic Information System

In the era of digitalization nowadays, information of data becomes very important. The forestry sector also use this developments of digitalization, among others are the application of Geographic Information System (SIG). The system is based on data which is designed to work together with data which is spatially referenced of industrial-geographically coordinated so that the forestry sector will be able to set programs and manage to forest better and maximize with SIG.

PT Mutuagung Lestari as the Conformity Assessment Body has to follow the developments which applied in the forestry industry sector. Several things could be learned from the Geographic Information System (GIS) and in effort to support the application, the Company held a training for its Forestry Auditors. Training covering the GIS formation and held on January 3 in the Company Office and attended by all of its forestry auditors, internal and external auditors. Mr.Iksal Yanuarsyah as the expert and source of the subject material is a practitioner who do the works of mapping with the system, a competent assessor on Geographic Information registered at BNSP organization.
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