Arifin Lambaga
Arifin LambagaPresident Director

Welcoming speech from The Board of Directors

“Total service is the keyword for the board of management and all employees of MUTU CERTIFICATION INTERNATIONAL”

One commitment that has a meaning of total service with professional and efficient to the client, including the product certification services, inspection, testing, calibration, quality management system, environmental management system, hazard analysis critical control point and sustainable forest management, also other certification services that will be developed.

We realize that customer trust is the most valuable asset for us in order to improve our capability in all aspect. Therefore, our commitment is always to provide the best service and get wider recognition. So the certification that has been issued by MUTU CERTIFICATION INTERNATIONAL, is widely acceptable in international market.


History, Vision & Mission, Logo Meaning

PT. Mutuagung Lestari established in 2 March 1990 was named Kiyani Mutu Lestari had office on Jl. Menteng Raya no 72, Central Jakarta and gave certification service for wood product.

Was involved in processing regulation for Indonesia Plywood Standard, as wood company standard for export to Japan Was appointed by American buyer named Georgia Pacific (GP), as representative for implementing inspection of Plywood GP quality for exporting to America.
Began co-operating with JPIC to certificate JAS company with a condition that company has already gotten IPS.

The office moved to Wijaya Grand Center. MAL got certification ISO 9003:1994

MAL was trusted becoming Foreign Testing Organization by JPIC and Opening the first laboratory branch in Samarinda

Appointed as Foreign Testing Company Organization from MAFF Japan

Moved to Cilandak KKO. Accredited ISO 9001 from KAN

Got accreditation for The first testing laboratory in Indonesia, calibration laboratory and testing laboratory in Samarinda

Moved to Cimanggis location especially Inspection and Laboratory Division

Developing other service from UKAS

New JAS law, opening opportunity became certification company (RFCO)

Got accreditation as Personal LS from KAN

Otono-san joined as adviser for JAS scheme

Received an acknowledgment as RFCO by MAFF Japan Accreditation as LS product from KAN

Accredited as SML certification company Showing Water-quality and wastewater testing laboratory by West Java Governor, Laboratory worked with Badan Lingkungan Hidup Kota Depok.

Received LS Ecolabel accreditation, the first ecolabel in Indonesia

Received LS HACCP accreditation (LSSHACCP 001 IDN). Co-operating with Lembaga Ekolabel Indonesia for forest scheme

Received LS Organic accreditation from KAN. LS Variety Guarantee From The Ministry of Agriculture. Accreditation from CARB USA. Testing Laboratory Acknowledgement from Road Voor Accreditae. Appointed as NRCP Laboratory from Dirjen Perikanan Budidaya

Cooperating PSAT Laboratory with Balai Besar Karantina Pertanian

LVLK Accreditation from KAN. PHPL Accreditation from KAN
Branch opening in Cina Xuzhou Mutu EPTS Co. Ltd China

LS Food Safety Management Accreditationfrom KAN. Environmental Laboratory from The Ministry of Environment. Samarinda Laboratory from KAN. Acknowledgement from RSPO. Official opening for new office at Xuzhou Mutu EPTS Co.Ltd

Acknowledgement from ISPO Commitee

ISO 9001 Reacreditation, SVLK from KAN, JAS Reacreditation from MAFF, RSPO auditory process from ASI and Penyerahan perdana ISPO certificate.

RSPO Accreditation from ASI, Acknowledgement Tourism Bussiness LS, Branch opening in Malaysia, Opening Pangkalan Bun Laboratory and Pekanbaru.Sosialization for New JAS Standard in China and Yogyakarta, Sosialization forThe newest VLK regulation.

Year 2015
Accreditation of LKV GRK from KAN, Accreditation 9001: 2015, Accreditation 14001: 2015, Recognition as ISCC LS ISCC, Appointment as LVV JCM from JCM

Year 2016
Lab Accreditation New week and acknowledgment as environmental lab from KLHK, Pangkalan Bun Lab Accreditation and recognition as environment lab from KLHK, ISO 17020 accreditation (surveyor), Appointment of K3 audit institution by Ministry of RI RI, LS Green Industry by Ministry of Industry RI, Institute of Ecolabel Verification Ministry of LHK RI, Reakreditas Lab Calibration, obtained FLEG License from Ministry of KLHK, recognition as Institute of Oil and Gas Technical Inspection

Year 2017
Recognition as TPC from US EPA

Our Vision & Mission


  • To be the leading suitable rater institution and to be accepted internationally


  • Contribute to the development and smooth running of international trade

  • Providing excellent service to clients independently with the support of competent human resources , professional as well as own and uphold the moral integrity

  • Developing a services oriented to the demands of the market effectively and efficiently

  • Providing benefits and added value to employees and stakeholders

Dynamic and Modern

  • Trusted & Guaranteed
    Trust and guarantee from certification results that’s done professionally and efficiently matched the commitment of PT. Mutuagung Lestari
  • Benefit for Society
    Positive expression that commited to give the best service in giving certification service and receiving wide recognition from society

PT Mutuagung Lestari is committed to be suitable rater institution that is independent, professional, moral integrated and always seeking to improve management system that are sustainable, also to fulfill rules applied in giving optimal and efficient service in order to improve customer’s and stakeholder’s satisfaction.

Neutral, objective, free importance

Competent, high respect to code ethics, keeping attitude, responsible, trustworthy, respond to complaints

Moral Integrity
Clean, honest, doesn’t take any forms of bribery and believable

Improvement of Sustainable Management System
Growth progress in repair to improve repairmen and system development, effectivity and consistency in order to improve service quality, service or operational area business

Quality Aim of PT Mutuagung Lestari

  1. Optimal service in a fast, precise, and accurate work activity
  2. Efficient in using resources in company and externally
  3. Board Directors
  4. Board Commissaries
  5. Organization Structure
  6. Service Point

Declaration of Independence, Impartiality Free, Conflict of Interest, Confidentiality, and Anti Bribery