General Principles of CE Marking

  1. The CE mark shall be affixed only by the manufacturer or his authorized representative.
  2. The CE mark affixed to products that rules provided by EC laws and will not be attached to other products.
  3. By affixing the CE mark, the manufacturer has indicates their responsibility against the compliance of the products with all applicable requirements.
  4. The CE Marking shall be the only mark which proves the conformity of the products with the applicable requirements.


Use of CE Marking

CE Marking is used for product adjusted to the European standard. Starting from July 1, 2013, under the Construction Product Regulation (CPR), CE Marking is mandatory for the wood based manufacturer selling its construction product in European market. It means CE Marking plays role as goods passport for market in Europe Union region. It is highly helpful for the end user to be more self confident when purchasing the product where various products are sold in market.


Before CE marked on product, the main requirements is the manufacture of product shall prove by following the testing and certification procedures through the accountable evidence.