MUTU International is a company providing testing, inspection and certification services. Founded in 1990, MUTU International has become the largest Indonesian private company in its field. Now, MUTU International has expanded by expanding the company’s wings to Vietnam, China and Japan.


PT Mutuagung Lestari Tbk (the “Company”) was established under the name PT Kiani Mutulestari as stated in the Deed of Establishment of the Company No. 6 dated March 2, 1990 made before Jacinta Susanti, S.H., Notary in Jakarta, which has been approved by the Menkumham based on Minister of Justice Decree No. C2-3293.HT.01.01.th.90 dated June 5, 1990 and has been registered in the register for that purpose at the Jakarta District Court Office with No.1233/1990 on June 19, 1990 and has been announced in the Supplement to the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.2831 of the State Gazette of the Republic of Indonesia No.64 dated 10 August 1990 which regulates the establishment of the Company.


Since its establishment, the Company’s Articles of Association have been amended several times and in the context of implementing an Initial Public Offering, the company has most recently made changes to the articles of association based on Deed No. 5 dated March 21, 2023, made before Rahayu Ningsih, S.H., Notary in Jakarta, regarding changes to all provisions of the articles of association in connection with the Company’s plan to conduct an Initial Public Offering of Shares which have: (i) obtained approval from the Menkumham based on Decree No. AHU -0017836.AH.01.02.TAHUN 2023 dated March 24, 2023; (ii) notified to Menkumham as stated in Letter of Acceptance of Notification of Amendments to the Articles of Association No.AHU-AH.01.03-0043827 dated 24 March 2023; and (iii) notified to Menkumham as stated in Letter of Acceptance of Notification of Company Data Changes No. AHU.-AH.01.09.0103136 dated March 24, 2023, all of which have been registered in the Company Register No.AHU-0058568 AH.01.11.TAHUN 2023 dated March 24, 2023 (or previously defined as Deed No.5/2023).