Calibration Laboratory

Calibration Laboratory of Mutu Certification International is an independent body carrying out calibration by implementing the laboratory management system based on ISO/IEC 17025 has been accredited by KAN with number LK-009-IDN. Using reference method such as DIN-Germany, JIS-Japanese, CSIRO-Australia, OIML, BS, EN, ASTM, ISO 10012 (recommendation for accuracy of a measuring instrument).


Calibration Laboratory services provide measurement and calibration in laboratory or at field (in-site) by using calibrated standard equipment there by able to provide data traceable to national and international units. We provide service facilities covering:


  • Calibration of Measuring Instrument Industry and Laboratory.
  • Consultation and Training in calibration sector


Scope of Calibration :

Length : Micrometer, Vernier Caliper, Dial Indicator/ Gauge, Steel
Ruler and Meter
Mass : Weight (class M & F2),Electronic and Mechanical Weight
Pressure : Pressure Gauge
Gaya : Tensile and Compression Testing Machine
Optic : Spectrophotometer UV-Visible &Visible
Temperature : Oven, Waterbath, Glass Thermometer, Digital Thermometer
(Bar Sensor, Surface Sensor,BI Metal/ Indicator),Thermo
Volumetric : Buret, Volume Pipette, Measuring Pipette, Volumetric Flask, and Measuring Cylinder
Derivative : pH Meter, Viscometer/ Tester, Conductivity Meter and MC Meter/ Tester
Time : Stopwatch
Frequency : Tachometer and Centrifuge