Use of Marks / Logo

Who has the right to use the Logo?

The use of logos on products or related documents by the company can only be done if the company has been declared in accordance with SNI or other requirements referred to (certified).


The use and affixing of the logo can only be given after the company signs logo usage agreement. An agreement is needed to ensure that the recipient of the sub-license agrees to comply with the provisions regarding the use of the logo.


What conditions cause the logo cannot be used
It is not permissible to use the QUALITY logo and certification logo in any form if there is one or all of the following:

  • The expiration of the certificate validity period
  • Certification has been suspended.
  • A certificate is withdrawn.


Please contact us to get more information about conditions that could cause your certification to be frozen or withdrawn.


If you find fraud / use of an inappropriate logo, then please contact us immediately via: