Day by day, the pressure on the forest is getting higher due to illegal activities that lead to unsustainable conditions. The Chain of Custody certification scheme is one of the efforts to increase the awareness of forest managers and buyers to have a high commitment to managing forests sustainably.


MUTU as a representative of BMTrada (Warringtonfire Testing and Certification Limited) provides Chain of Custody (COC) certification services.


Why choose MUTU?

  • MUTU has a good record in providing certification services in Indonesia.
  • MUTU provides local auditors.
  • MUTU has a client-oriented approach with the aim of providing solutions for business and certification.
  • Good relationship with FSC® certified traders and retailers in Europe, Australia, Japan and other key buying countries.
  • Combined with the excellent reputation that BMTrada has as a certifying body, and providing offers according to the quality provided.


Advantages of having COC Certification : 

  1. Added value to the product.
  2. Access to new markets.
  3. Proof of traceability.
  4. Use of the FSC® trademark.


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