The application of Ecolabel is now becoming a necessity in term of international trade. Environmental aspect in the product becomes one of important values in order that the Indonesian product is able to penetrate the global market. As one of Ecolabel Certification Body accredited by KAN, we have commitment to become the trustable partner of the product producers desiring to carry out the environmentally friendly product certification.


The product provided with appropriate ecolabel is the product that in its life cycle starting from procurement of raw material, production process, distribution, use, and disposal after use provide the relatively small environmental impact compared to the other similar product. Ecolabel will provide information to the consumers on environmental impact available in a certain product differentiating with the other similar product.


Scope of Ecolabel Certification

  1. Kertas Cetak dan Kertas Multiguna (SNI 7188-1-3:2021)
  2. Tekstil dan Produk Tekstil (SNI 7188.4:2019)


Benefit of Having Ecolabel Certification

  1. Competition of imported product with environmentally friendly logo.
  2. Continuous improvement in products by applying the life cycle consideration.
  3. Anticipation of pollution toward better environment.


Certification Fees consist of :

  • Application
  • Evaluation
  • Sampling and testing
  • Preparation of reports
  • Decision-making
  • Certificate Issuance


The cost of Certification fees may vary between organizations, so if a prospective client wishes to obtain a certification fee rate may contact Marketing PT Mutuagung Lestari Tbk


Why Mutu International

As one of two Certification Body trusted to produce the Ecolabel certification in Indonesia . Mutu Certification International has the widest scope in its sector.