Food Safety Management System – ISO 22000

Along with the food industry progress development, there are many problems related to “food borne illness” or disease caused by food. Food safety and impact of food product security deviation are the joint responsibility between the government, industry and consumers. Such incident identified the organization’s need to have the most effective food safety management system to be applied and operated for management system work well structured and integrated to entire organization management activities in the food chain from harvesting until the product is ready to consume.

ISO 22000 is an International standard developed by using Quality Management System (ISO 9001) approach and several adjustments applicable, by combining the main element of ISO 9001 and HACCP for development, implementation, and continuous improvement of Food Safety Management System (FSMS).

Food Safety Management System operates effectively through systematic approach to identify the controllable food hazard, risk analysis, food hazard control, management system control and control to technical requirements, thereby the food produced is safe as well as feasible to consume.

ISO 22000 may be applied in various types of organization directly or indirectly related to food chain.

Mutu Certification International has been accredited by KAN and cooperation with the Certification Body European, BM Trada (accredited by UKAS) as the representative office of BM Trada in Indonesia.

Benefits of Applying ISO 22000

  1. Ensuring customer’s satisfaction and trust.
  2. Legal compliance requirements.
  3. Control or reduction of food hazards.
  4. Reducing operating costs through continuous improvement.
  5. Efficiency by integrating Pre Requisite Program (PRP) and Operational Pre Requisite Program (OPRP) programs, HACCP with the ISO 9001 philosophy.
  6. Improvement in risk management.
  7. Improved communication with internal and external parties.
  8. Improvement in public trust.
  9. Producing products that are safe and suitable for consumption.
  10. Easier access to global market.