Indonesia on Sustainable Palm Oil – ISPO

ISPO is a standard that has been developed by the Indonesian government used to manage the plantation sustainability. This standard contains the criteria and indicator entering the environmental management, social and palm plantation management practices rules, implemented proportionally based on the regulation related to the palm oil plantation and industry. ISPO certification effective for 5 (five) years, palm oil management and industries is able to manage it sustainably or continuously.

Why is it Necessary to Have ISPO Certification?

ISPO Standard regulated in the regulation of Minister of Agriculture No. 38 tahun 2020, is a mandatory standard for all palm oil companies operated in Indonesia, ranging from upstream to downstream.

Benefits of ISPO Certification

The determination of ISPO certification has benefit to increase the production in order to have competitiveness as well as to fulfill the commitment of the Indonesia government in the greenhouse gas mitigation.

ISPO Principles:

1. Compliance with Plantation Business Legality

2. Implementation of Good Plantation Practices

3. Management of the Environment, Natural Resources, and Biodiversity

4. Responsibilities to Employment

5. Social Responsibility and Community Economic Empowerment

6. Implementation of Transparency

7. Continuous Business Improvement

Certification Fee consists of:

1. Administration

2. Evaluation

3. Report preparation

4. Technical Review

5. Decision making