Variety Assurance System

The development of retail market encourages the marketing of agriculture product in “Labeled Agriculture”. Sistem Jaminan Varietas is the early measure that is appropriate to develop the labeled agriculture product in product variety poor and free from mixture, as well as to secure the consumers security. Currently, the falsification of agriculture product variety is quite harmful for the consumers. Since generally, the variety of product in package circulated in market is not in accordance with those mentioned on its package. This variety guarantee label not merely provides guarantee to the variety purity, but also supervise the illegal production process, such as use of whitener from the hazardous chemicals etc.

To apply the variety guarantee, seed of superior variety with certificate is one of important requirement and factor in the agriculture business development advanced, efficient and profitable in agrobusiness agriculture business system. The good seed quality is the basis for the good agriculture. The quality of seed itself will be determined in the seed development and ripening process, harvesting, threshing, drying, storage of seed until the growth phase in nursery The role of Variety Certification Body is very important to supervise throughly the cultivation process from upstream until downstream. The supervision is carried out starting from use of seed, land processing, bursary process until post harvesting, including the storage warehouse, post harvesting facilities and infrastructure, manpower sanitation and hygienic facilities must be examined and supervised from all possibilities of mixture and cross contamination upon the post harvesting handling. In the final stage, verification shall be made to ensure that the variety is already in accordance with the label on the packaging.


Benefits of Sistem Jaminan Varietas (SJV) Certification

To provide guarantee of variety purity through the field examination, and origin of seed.
To provide guarantee and certainty for the market to the clarity of variety.
To provide benefits for the farmer/ business actors.
To increase the productiveness of harvesting result.

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