Q Mark Marine Plywood

Marine Plywood manufacturer already certified by Q Mark may demonstrate to the consumer and policy maker that the product their produced has been in accordance with the objective and safe for use under the controlled production process with the satisfaction end quality.

The production process is controlled through Factory Production Control (FPC) and the quality of end product through Initial Type Testing (ITT) carried out in independent laboratory already accredited by ISO 17025 by the National Accreditation Committee (KAN), the member of International Laboratory Accreditation Committee (ILAC). In addition, it has been in accordance with BS 1088 (Marine Plywood) and other relevant standard.


The Certification of Q Mark Marine Plywood is conducted by the Mutu Certification International in cooperation with BM Trada, an International Certification Body at its head office in UK already accredited by United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).


Benefit of Q Mark Certification Scheme of Marine Plywood product

  1. To increase quality and performance of Marine Plywood used in marine craft and other construction activities.
  2. To demonstrate the product produced is already in accordance with BS 1088 standard.
  3. To make available conformance of product produced to the relevant standard through the manufacturer quality record (result of product inspection and testing).
  4. To make available to the decision maker, regulator, and inspection authority, the adequate information to identify the product conformance.


Classification of Marine Plywood product

  1. Standard Marine Plywood
  2. Lightweight Marine Plywood

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