SNI Wood Product Certification

With increasingly tight competition and the increasingly open world of free markets, consumers demand every producer to produce quality products. One guarantee of a quality product is that it meets the quality standards that have been set, one of the references being the Indonesian National Standard. SNI certification is a process of assessing the conformity of a company’s product/management system/competence based on the requirements in SNI in order to obtain formal recognition. Having SNI certification or product certification will provide consumers with guaranteed product quality in accordance with technical requirements and specifications. PT Mutuagung Lestari Tbk can provide SNI certification for wood products and is the only certification body in Indonesia that has complete services for wood product certification.


Benefits of obtaining SNI Product Certification

  1. Providing certainty for consumers as a guarantee of safe and quality products.
  2. Has the right to use the SNI label on products.
  3. Make transactions easier and increase consumer confidence.
  4. Providing  added  value  to  manufacturer’s  products.
  5. Increase the company’s opportunity to enter the global market through products that meet standards.


Scope :

Product/Process Type:

  1. Wood Panels
  2. Composite Wood
  3. Plywood
  4. Laminate Veneer
  5. Fiberboard


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