To Our Clients and Friends Around the World :

Recently it was brought to our attention that a forged certificate was being presented to potential customers.  This certificate represented that MUTU had certified a plywood mill in the Philippines as “CARB certified.”  We are very pleased that the potential customer followed CARB’s recommendation to take “Reasonable Prudent Precautions” and checked both the CARB website and the MUTU website to check the status of this certification.  When they did not find the mill listed, they reported the forgery and did not buy the offered plywood.
MUTU recognizes our responsibilities to our clients, to the programs and standards we represent, and to the consumers who trust our certification programs.  We certify not just composite wood products to the CARB and EPA TSCA VI programs, we also certify to multiple Japanese and ISO standards, to the Indonesian legality program, SVLK, as well as to a variety of Sustainable Forestry Management and Agricultural programs as well as many more standards and programs recognized around the world.  We are horrified that someone would fraudulently misrepresent us.  It threatens our legitimate and honest clients.  Further this action could undermine the trust consumers place not just in MUTU, but in all third party certifiers (TPCs) around the world.
We encourage buyers who receive a MUTU certification of any type to please go to our client list to confirm that the certificate is legitimate:

If you do not find the company listed, we ask that you send us the certificate for confirmation.