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Nobody wants damaged products or poor services offered by a company or business. Especially if you are on the market selling something from a manufacturer or supplier, such a scenario will bring nothing but problems. Not only will it harm your company’s reputation, but it is also possible for you to lose customers and revenue.


A company is responsible for ensuring that the products or services are safe, have no defects, or meet the customer’s standards. That is why testing and inspection are essential before products or services are available on the market. It is even better if you have a verified certification regarding the products’ and services’ quality.


So, how do you ensure the condition of your products or services? If you have no in-house team to watch over this issue, you can use the services provided by TIC (Testing, Inspection, Certification) companies. As the name suggests, these companies will help you examine whether your products or services meet the accepted requirements or standards.


What is TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification)?

The TIC (Testing, Inspection, and Certification) sector provides conformity assessments and assurance services to guarantee and certify the quality of goods and integrity of other services covering a wide range of industries. The TIC services range from auditing and inspection of products, equipment, and materials to testing, verification, quality assurance, and certification. 


Such services aim to protect the people and preserve the environment by testing or inspecting the product or service quality. Through this process, business players can uphold the quality of their goods and services while reducing the risk or error of operation. Thus, it can help the business’ productivity and efficiency for production. 


Many companies offer TIC services for many industries, such as oil and gas, machinery, chemical, forestry, agriculture, fishery, and food industries. There are two types of this company: in-house and outsourced. You can choose to use either service depending on your business needs.


TIC Company Recommendations in Indonesia

There exist several TIC companies in Indonesia that can aid you in ensuring the condition of your products, services, or procedures in production. Here are the 7 recommendations of TIC companies in Indonesia.



Mutu International

MUTU International is an Indonesian private company providing testing, inspection, and certification services. With over 30 years of experience in the field, MUTU International has been trusted by 3,000 multinational companies covering various industrial sectors such as forestry, agriculture, logistics, construction, food, fishery, energy, and many more.


MUTU International has expanded its services to Malaysia, Vietnam, China, and Japan. It is also the first TIC company in the Asia Pacific trusted by the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery to issue JAS (Japanese Agricultural Standards) certification.


With such reliable experiences, MUTU International commits to providing transparent and objective testing and inspection for national and international companies. In addition, the company is equipped with the latest laboratory facilities and proficient experts in auditing, testing, and inspecting.



Sucofindo is the Indonesian government’s first state-owned corporation (BUMN) to offer testing, inspection, and certification services exclusive to Indonesian companies. It owns 28 branch offices, 35 service units, and 65 laboratories throughout the country.

Sucofindo’s services include inspection and audit, testing and analysis, consultation, certification, and training for various industrial sectors. Suppose you have a company in coal and mineral mining, tourism, real estate, agriculture, finance, and insurance. In that case, you can use the service provided by Sucofindo to ensure the quality of products, procedures, and services.


Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI)

Biro Klasifikasi Indonesia (BKI) is the only Indonesian state-owned company focusing on issuing certification for Indonesian-flagged and foreign-flagged commercial vessels functioning in Indonesian waters. The company’s services center on advancing the technical quality and standard of vessel operation for marine activity. 

Furthermore, BKI has been trusted by the Indonesian government to arrange surveys and statutory certifications. The company will issue a certificate for vessels that have met the standard qualification after an exhaustive set of surveys and inspections.


Surveyor Indonesia

Surveyor Indonesia provides a variety of survey, inspection, and consultation services for state-owned companies, private companies, and national and regional governments. The company’s services cover various industrial sectors such as agriculture, oil, gas, minerals, environment, etc.

Surveyor Indonesia’s headquarter is located in Jakarta, Indonesia. It has 12 branch services and many units across Indonesia. Furthermore, to ease the process of the services, the company offers a digital platform for clients to track the progress and see inspection reports.


Anugerah Global Superintending 

Anugerah Global Superintending (AGS) is an in-house TIC company of Saraswati Group. The company has 24 subsidiaries which are divided into 5 main divisions. They are the Fertilizer Division, Plantation Division, Laboratory Division, Property Division, and Other Business Division. However, AGS also provides TIC service and assistance for businesses outside the Saraswati Group. 


AGS’s audit service focuses on several areas, such as environment, energy, and fire safety. Meanwhile, its inspection service centers on commodity conformity assessment for local and international markets. In addition, the company issues certifications related to products, management systems, and tourism sectors.


Bintang Inspeksi Indonesia

Bintang Inspeksi Indonesia (BII) focuses on safety and health inspections for Indonesian companies. It was established in Banten, Indonesia, in 2017. The company does a technical assessment of work equipment to decrease operational errors and increase productivity. 

The process of inspection is done by certified experts and supported by the latest specialized equipment for testing machines, transport aircraft, tools, and installations in the workplace. 


Indotech Citra Sinergi

Indotech Citra Sinergi is a private company providing independent inspection and certification services based in Balikpapan, Indonesia. The company offers comprehensive packages covering testing, inspection, certification, and consultation services for companies engaged in mining, oil and gas, shipping, and the environment. 

Established in 2009, the company has provided non-destructive testing (NDT) for mentioned industries. 

This is the recommended Indonesian TIC companies covering private and state-owned enterprises. Each company focuses on a different area of expertise. For more information, visit their official website to check whether their services suit your business necessity.



Why Choose MUTU International TIC Services?

Among the TIC company recommendations above, why should your company use MUTU International TIC Services? The following explanation will tell the main reasons for using MUTU International TIC services.


  • The company has more than three decades of experience as a reputable TIC company in Indonesia and has served over 3,000 reputable multinational companies worldwide.
  • The first Certification Body in the Asian Pacific to be acknowledged by the ROCB (Registry of Companies and Businesses), accredited by the Japanese MAFF (Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries), CARB (California Air Resources Board), Soil Association Woodmark (SA), and BM Trada, and approved by RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)
  • The first Certification Body appointed by the Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture and ISPO Commission.
  • Our team consists of many competent and proficient auditors and inspectors supported by safe and reliable laboratory facilities.

MUTU International is committed to giving our utmost for clients who want to protect their business’ legality, ensure workplace operational safety, and maintain product or service quality. With our extensive experience and professional team, we will deliver a clear and objective result for auditing, testing, inspection, and certification for your company. 



MUTU International Services

Besides the reasons above, we also provide testing, inspection, and certification services for various industries. Here are our latest services.


Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO)

As the name suggests, RSPO certification focuses on testing and inspecting critical players in the palm oil industry. The purpose is to give an international certificate to palm oil companies or organizations implementing a sustainability standard. Our company has received accreditation from ASI (ASI-ACC-055) for RSPO P&C. 


Indonesia on Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO)

ISPO refers to a standard developed by the Indonesian government for sustainable palm oil plantation management. ISPO certification is mandatory for the Indonesian palm oil industry to conduct business or produce the commodity. 


The certification is valid for 5 years and must be renewed should a company want to have the operation’s legality.


Sistem Verifikasi Legalitas Kayu (SVLK) 

SVLK (in English, Timber Legality Assurance System) is a provision governing the requirements for meeting the legality of timber or wood products. The certification process includes timber traceability verification, obligations fulfillment, and regulations compliance. MUTU International provides this certification service for the forestry sector regarding forest governance, management, and sustainable use of forest products.


Information Security Management System (ISO 27001)

Indonesian companies that deal with global trading need to protect their essential assets. The threat of information leaks has the probability to exploit such data and endanger the company. To ensure security, a company must implement an Information Security Management System based on SNI ISO/IEC 27001:2013. 

MUTU International has other testing, inspection, and certification services besides the ones mentioned. We cover TIC services for numerous industrial sectors that want to ensure their quality products, procedures of operation, and services. 

Contact us and discuss your business needs regarding testing, inspection, and certification. For further information, you can visit this page.