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​Gate Global Legal Timber
Indonesia to test delivery of legal timber undocumented V-Legal as proof of readiness to supply timber products to the world timber market.

Legal timber shipment trial along with V-Legal Documents to nine EU countries. Tests conducted 17 exporters of wood products that have been certified legal timber. (Dwi Oblo)

From Kendal regency, Central Java, Indonesia held a trial export of legal timber products with V-Legal Documents to the European Union on Tuesday (23/10). Deputy Trade Minister inaugurates Krisnamurthi test it in the PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia.

V-Legal Documents to replace timber legality endorsement Forestry Industry Revitalization Agency (BRIK). The document includes the obligation stipulated in the Regulation of the Minister of Trade No. 64 Year 2012, the newly signed October 22, 2012.

To get V-Legal Documents, forestry and timber industry shall bagging timber legality verification certificate. "In the new regulations stated 26 of 40 wood-based products tariff shall besertifikatverifikasi legality of timber per January 1, 2013. The remaining 14 tariff lines shall be certified by January 1, 2014, "said Bayu.

14 tariff lines that involve domestic handicraft industry, SMEs, and craft people, such as crafts key chain. "Our view has not been able to get a certificate of legality of timber. So, we give you a year to take care of the certificate. Ministry will also help and assist small industries, "explained Bayu.

It was different with 26 tariff lines in the form of large industrial wood products, such as PT Kayu Lapis Indonesia, which can achieve a certificate of legality of timber (SLK).

Trial shipments to Belgium and the Netherlands, following the inauguration of timber legality of information systems (SILK) on August 1. With exports trial, it is expected to do a review SILK, who then perfected. "In order for export of legal timber products work flawlessly when applicable official January 1, 2013," said Bayu.

If there is no obstacle, the EU will impose regulation Wood (Timber Regulation) in March 2013. At that time, all wood products into the EU must be protected legally.

Agus Prijono
"The test also showed readiness to export Indonesia supplying timber products to the world timber markets," he said. Bayu added of this trial, it is expected that factors influencing trip VLK certified wood products can be monitored.

During the October-September 2012, ujicobaakan held at four major ports: Belawan, Medan; Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Tanjung Emas, Semarang, and Tanjung Perak, Surabaya. Export destinations include EU countries such as Denmark, Germany, Italy, UK, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Cyprus, and Greece.

Tests conducted 17 exporters of wood products that have been certified legal timber, which also became a pioneer lumber exports to V-Legal Documents. Director-General for Forestry Enterprises Ministry, Bambang Hendroyono states, in order to improve forest governance, the government has set SVLK according Permenhut juncto P.38/2009 Number Number P.68/2011.

"SVLK is the initiative and commitment of the Government of Indonesia, not intervention from other countries," he said.

The European Union has recognized the current SVLK pemarafan Voluntary Partnership Agreement (Voluntary Partnership Agreement / VPA) on May 4, 2011. Trial shipments is getting closer to Indonesia and the EU to sign the VPA will be signed in February 2013.

Since then, the V-Legal Documents into licensed products kayulegal Indonesia could join the European Union. The results of a long VPA negotiations between the two countries since 2007, will enter a new phase with the opening of the gates of the EU for legal timber Indonesia.

Julian Wilson, Ambassador of the European Union, said that Indonesia is trying to do the rebranding timber trade. If SVLK goes well, the European Union committed to buying Indonesian wood products. "It's not about the European Union. This is done by Indonesia rebranding itself, "said Wilson.

"The wood in the forest is ours. We get angry when wood was stolen. SVLK not because of the pressure of the European Union. It is because of our own interests, "said Bayu surge.
(Agus Prijono)

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