The changes in Food Safety Standard System (SMKP) ISO 22000:2005 into ISO 22000:2018 affecting to several changes and additions of standard’s conditions. This will cause changes in the food sector as the standard’s applicator, and also the Certification Body for Food Safety Management System as the evaluation-adjustment institution.

With these changes, it is hoped that SMKP ISO 22000:2018 will be an effective real instrument in controlling the dangers of food safety and will produce food which is safe to consume. As an effort in supporting the national food industry sector, Mutuagung Lestari as one of the Certification Body in the Food Safety Management System is trying to facilitate the need.

On the 21st to 22nd. last December, PT Mutuagung Lestari held an in-house training with a heavy-point of the subject of the changes in the SMKP standard version ISO 22000:2018. The training was faciliciated by an expert: Mr. Defri Herianka. His subject materials including the main changes of the standard, approach in the Basic Conditions Program (PRP) called also GMP, Operational Pre-Requisite Program (O-PRP) to control un-critical dangers (CP) and the Analytical Principals of Hazardous and Critical Control Point to control the CCP.


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