SVLK for Industry & Forest

Legality of Timber Certification (SVLK) is the provisions regulating the requirements to fulfill the legality of wood or wood product through the wood traceability verification activity and fulfillment of obligation as well as compliance with regulation.

Mutu Certification International as the Certification Body running in forestry sector has obligation to take part in socializing and encouraging the implementation of forest governance and sustainable forest produce utilization.

Benefits of SVLK Certificate

  1. A compliance with government regulations regarding the legality of timber.
  2. Expanding market share to countries that require collateral legality of imported wood.
  3. Securing market access to countries which have applied regulations on the procurement of wood products.
  4. To build the positive impact of Indonesian wood company and product.

Why Mutu Certification International?

  1. Since its establishment, it runs business in forestry and industry certification already accredited from the National Accreditation Committee (KAN), National Standardization Body (BSN), Indonesian Ecolabel Institute (LEI), and other International accreditation institution.
  1. Mutu Certification International has service spread throughout Indonesia even overseas such as China, Japan, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

Certification costs consist of :     

  1. Application     
  2. Document Assessment and verification plan     
  3. Public Announcements     
  4. Field verification     
  5. Verification Report Preparation     
  6. Decision-making     
  7. issuance of Certificates


Certification fee rates can differ between organizations , so that if a potential client wants to obtain certification fee rates per group of activities can contact Marketing PT . Mutuagung Lestari